Evutec Corp.

4841 Chino Ave
Chino, CA 91710
P: 877 349 3993

Tech East, LVCC, North Hall, Grand Lobby and Lower Level North Hall, Meeting Rooms - 8632
Tech West, Venetian Suites, Floor 29 - Suite 29-227

About Evutec Corp.

EvutecĀ® acknowledge the present need to diminish the overpopulation of short lifespan products in the handheld device industry and the adverse effects they have on our environment. Our mission is to provide superior, stylish protective solutions using advanced composite and recyclable materials.

Product Categories (9)
  1. Accessories - Wireless Accessories
  2. Crowd funding/Sourcing
  3. Digital Imaging/Photography
  4. E-commerce
  5. Fitness and Sports
  6. Mobile Commerce/Digital Finance
  7. Other Consumer Technology
  8. Wearables
  9. Wireless Devices